Phyto Performance Italia Srl.

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Fitofix tennis protection (FX3011)

Fitofix improves articular and ligament performance.
€ 12.59 incl tax

GARZE STERILI (P.064, P.065)

Garze sterili
From € 2.57 incl tax

Sterilized gauze with paraffin (P.067)

Sterilized gauze with paraffin, 10 cm x 10 cm.
€ 7.11 incl tax

Benda Garza Orlata (K28, K29)

The compression bandage mono-extended.
From € 0.92 incl tax

Benda Universal (K30, K31, K32)

Elastic gauze bandage with woven hems.
From € 1.21 incl tax

Idealband (K16, K17)

Support and immobilization bandage.
From € 6.12 incl tax

Fylastic (K40, K41, K42)

Light, elastic support bandage conforming to round- and cone-shaped body parts.
€ 2.79 incl tax

Compressband (K25, K26)

To be used in case of musculo-articular injuries or ligament diseases.
From € 7.65 incl tax

Bendfix (K04, K05, K06)

Suitable for use as a fixing and skin protection bandage.
From € 3.55 incl tax

Bendhaft (K08, K09, K10)

Cohesive fixing bandage.
From € 2.92 incl tax