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Abdominal Support for Pregnant Women (104620)

Abdominal Support for Pregnant Women.
€ 50.02 incl tax

ActiveColor® Ankle Support (1470)

The ActiveColor® Ankle Support provides effective bracing and can be worn with sport and walking shoes.
€ 14.74 incl tax

ActiveColor® Thumb/Hand Support (1470)

The ActiveColor® thumb/hand support is designed to stabilize the wrist.
€ 19.54 incl tax

ActiveColor® Wrist Support (1410)

The ActiveColor® wrist support with its adjustable Velcro closure provides reinforcement and offers individually
€ 14.74 incl tax

Activemed Ankle Support (220600)

For positioning the ankle in pronation or supination.
€ 18.48 incl tax

Anatomical half - insole 482/46

Anatomical half - insole
€ 30.86 incl tax

Anatomical insole (480/46)

Anatomical insole.
€ 34.48 incl tax

BORT ClimaCare® Foot Warmer (106800)

Durable and warming blend of pure new wool and angora.
€ 20.12 incl tax

BORT Heel Spur Cushion (950220)

With removable cushion module in the area of the calcaneal spur
€ 23.28 incl tax

BORT Inguinal Hernia Belt (104800)

Double-sided, pads removeable, in order to be used on only one side
€ 48.64 incl tax

BORT Silicone Heel Cushion (930050)

Heel cushion made of silicone.
€ 12.49 incl tax

BORT Stabilo® Ankle Support (114100)

Stabilizējoša potītes ortoze ar balstiem un papildus lentām kas nostiprina potītes locītavu
€ 48.90 incl tax

BORT Stoma Support ( 104090)

Circular abdominal support with variable stoma recess.
€ 50.51 incl tax

ClimaCare Joint Warmer (106700)

Highly elastic knitting, therefore comfortable to wear without restricting movement.
€ 20.12 incl tax

ClimaCare Shoulder Warmer ( 106500 )

Protects the shoulder and neck area that is particularly susceptible to cold and draughts.
€ 22.67 incl tax

ClimaCare® Body Warmer (106600)

Very good protection at low temperatures in the lumbar and spinal area
€ 26.86 incl tax

Coban (1581, 1582, 1574L)

The flexible link.
From € 4.40 incl tax

Dorsum Posture (EU3008)

An elastic posture brace that provide an effective support to the thoracic area and the shoulders.
€ 58.62 incl tax

EasyLife 7-Day Tablet Box (108090)

Clearly organised 7-day planner.
€ 5.17 incl tax

EasyLife Table Splitter (108040)

Easily and safely splits tablets.
€ 7.37 incl tax

ManexRadius-Long (MR2921)

The wrist support is sized and anatomically designed to support a child´s wrist and hand.
€ 33.31 incl tax

One Size Anklesupport (MR8870)

This brace can be used for both ankle instabilities, lighter sprains and for achilles.
€ 19.96 incl tax

PediSoft Toe Spreader with Bunion Protection (107140)

Pirkstu starplika ar papildus gēla spilventiņu kairinājuma novēršanai Separates displaced toes that are close together, prevents chafing, skin irritation and corns.
€ 13.37 incl tax

Stabilo® Knee Support with Articulated Joint (150140)

Knee support with side joint splints for guidance of the knee joint.
€ 69.73 incl tax

StabiloBasic Sport Back Support with Pad (104690SP)

Active support for muscular stabilisation of the lumbar spine.
€ 68.75 incl tax

StabiloBasic Lady Sport Back Support with Pad (104680SP)

Active support for muscular stabilisation of the lumbar spine.
€ 69.24 incl tax

StabiloPren Wrist Support (182520)

Lightweight neoprene support with Velcro closure.
€ 17.51 incl tax