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BORT ClimaCare® Foot Warmer (106800)

Durable and warming blend of pure new wool and angora.
€ 20.12 incl tax € 18.11 incl tax

ClimaCare Joint Warmer (106700)

Highly elastic knitting, therefore comfortable to wear without restricting movement.
€ 20.12 incl tax € 18.11 incl tax

ClimaCare Shoulder Warmer (106500)

Protects the shoulder and neck area that is particularly susceptible to cold and draughts.
€ 22.67 incl tax

Hip Protection Pants (M4477)

A standard unisex brief that can be worn over undergarments or as underwear.
€ 32.51 incl tax

StabiloHip Protektor Belt (201300)

Hip protectors absorb resp. Distribute the forces affecting the hip in case of tumbling and therefore reduce the of a fracture of the femur collar.
€ 39.98 incl tax

Calf Support ( b-d ) (116250)

Anatomically-contoured knit. Excellent fit.
€ 17.57 incl tax

Double-Sided Slippers, Premium (M3066-U, M3064-U, M3066-B, M3058-U, M3059-U, M3068-B)

This anti-slip sock, low compression has been developed to provide a good friction to most common surfaces.
From € 4.82 incl tax

Rubber Sole Slipper (M3070-CL, M3070-S, M3070-M, M3070-L, M3070-XL, M3070-XXL)

Rubber Sole Slipper
€ 11.83 incl tax € 9.46 incl tax

Aluminium Grippers (117170)

A device that helps people with limited mobility to grasp small and large objects.
€ 23.90 incl tax

EasyLife Table Splitter (108040)

Easily and safely splits tablets.
€ 7.73 incl tax