Ortozes, kas aptver pleca locītavu

Ekskluzīvs risinājums pleca problēmām:

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Shoulder support (8010)

An anatomical shoulder support designed to provide stability and compression for an injuried shoulder.
€ 66.07 incl tax

OmoTex (121600)

Active support for the treatment of the shoulder joint.
€ 56.43 incl tax

ErixOne Shoulder Brace (MR980)

ErixOne shoulder brace, complete with all accessories.
€ 245.48 incl tax

ErixOne Shoulder Brace, complete kit (MR990)

Shoulder brace, complete with all accessories.
€ 415.96 incl tax

ErixTwo Shoulder Brace (MR960)

Anterior/posterior support of the shoulder up to 90 degrees abduction.
€ 201.17 incl tax

ErixThree Shoulder Brace (MR940)

ErixThree® has been developed for patients with subluxation problems that need assistance to lift and hold the shoulderjoint in place, after stroke or neurological problems.
€ 126.08 incl tax