ErixTwo Shoulder Brace (MR960)

Anterior/posterior support of the shoulder up to 90 degrees abduction.
Manufacturer: MediRoyal/DeRoyal
SKU: MR960
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ErixTwo is a more simplified version of the advanced model ErixOne. ErixTwo is patent pending and has a more simplified construction with straps and larger loop areas to attach hook straps on. On the front- and the back side two semi-elastic straps have been attached to provide anterior/posterior support to the shoulder joint. On the top there is an additional strap that can be used to provide suspension of the shoulder. The combination with these three straps and the more simplified design makes it very suitable for shoulder joints that need a higher degree of range of motion and support without abduction restrictions. A slight abduction control can be obtained but the main function is anterior/posterior support of the shoulder up to 90 degrees abduction.

ErixTwo is made of NeoTex which provides heat and support. The inside has silicone tapes to transfer forces from the brace to the skin for an increased proprioception and bio-feedback. The inside of the brace also has a hook receivable material that makes it easy to position additional pads for support and compression.

ErixTwo is modular and can be supplemented with the accessories from ErixOne for abduction control or extra support.

Post shoulder luxations, rotator cuff injuries, A/C-joint instabilities, muscle injuries and general shoulder instabilities.
Size: circumference of middle of upper arm cm.