Stabilo® Knee Support with Articulated Joint (150140)

Knee support with side joint splints for guidance of the knee joint.
Manufacturer: BORT Medical GmbH
SKU: 150140
€ 69.73 incl tax

Knee Supports support injured tissue structures ( joint, ligaments, capsules, cartilages).
The compression hereby supports the holding function of the ligaments and is thus relieving the joint. At the same
time the support helps to a high degree to avoid wrong movements. The hinges are beneficial to the stabilisation
function of the lateral ligaments.

Mild to moderate lateral ligament instability of the knee joint, gonarthrosis, arthritis.

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD), lymphatic drainage disorders and indistinct soft tissue swellings remote from the applied aid, sensory loss and blood flow disorders in the affected body part, skin disorders in the treated part of the body.

65% Polyamide, 28% elastodies, 7% viscose.