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Dorsolumbar semi-rigid Gold back support (238)

Stability, compression and uniform fixation.
€ 95.20 incl tax

Dorsolumbar semi-rigid Gold back support for abdomen pendulous (234)

Abdominal Support for Pregnant Women.
€ 77.59 incl tax

Elastic Elbow Brace with Gel Insert (P505)

Elastic Elbow Brace with gel insert.
€ 18.49 incl tax € 14.80 incl tax

Elastic Elbow Brace with Gel Insert and Cinch Strap (P506)

Elbow support of medium compression with adjustment zone on the joint and gel insert.
€ 21.37 incl tax € 17.09 incl tax

Elastic Knee Brace with Gel Insert (P508)

Gel pad on the patella.
€ 22.83 incl tax € 18.26 incl tax

Elastic Knee brance with gel insert and metal strips (P509)

Gel pad on the patella and lateral stabilizers.
€ 27.25 incl tax € 21.80 incl tax

Finger splint CB (945)

Finger splint made in padded mouldable aluminium, wich immobilizes the interphalangeal joints.
€ 5.31 incl tax

Finger splint CG (944)

Immobilizesand stabilizes the priximal interphalangeal joints.
€ 4.73 incl tax

Finger splint immobilizer (940)

Finger splint immobilizing the distal abd proximal interphalangeal joints in extension.
€ 5.64 incl tax

Finger splint RF (941)

Immobilizes the distal interphalangeal joints stabilizing the proximal in a functional position.
€ 5.67 incl tax