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Epicondylitis Support with Padding (122600)

Elbow orthosis with pressure-reducing zone.
€ 32.76 incl tax

EpiBasic Sport (122600SP)

Elbow orthosis with pressure-reducing zone.
€ 31.81 incl tax

Epicon Co-Tex (EU2810)

An elbow orthosis.
€ 44.44 incl tax

Cervical Support (127260)

Cervical soft support for children (density 45).
€ 18.14 incl tax

Cervical Foam Collar, Soft (EU515)

A soft foam collar for unloading of the neck.
€ 17.36 incl tax

Philadelphia Collar (1023)

The Philadelphia Collar is designed to immobilize the nech and cervical spine.
€ 47.00 incl tax

Cervical Foam Collar (EU520)

A soft foam collar with plastic reinforcement for unloading of the neck.
€ 39.20 incl tax

Pro-Glide Elbow Pediatric (4127)

A dynamic elbow orthosis for contracture management of the elbow.
€ 1023.66 incl tax

OmoStabil (121200)

Shoulder and arm support. Circular enclosure of torso area.
€ 55.69 incl tax

Dorsum Posture (EU3008)

An elastic posture brace that provide an effective support to the thoracic area and the shoulders.
€ 40.60 incl tax